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Kieran Lalor: Term limits are the only way to achieve true ethics reform in N.Y. state government

I have not always been a fan of term limits because I feel public service is a “calling”. When your community asks you to put your skills, experience, and character to work for the betterment of society you do it humbly, passionately and ethically. It takes a strong man of principle to know when their job is done and time for fresh ideas, President Washington was a man of such ideals. While urged to seek a 3rd term he decided not to, because America had just fought a war to throw off the yoke of monarchism and he did not want to become “King George”.

Sadly, a lot of today’s politicians act like it’s their divine right to be in “power” and, along with a complicit political system, they think they are smarter and wiser than the citizens they represent, thus legislate against the will of the people.

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