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Decision Day is Coming!

While sitting on the front porch with my “tea” and pondering the situation with the government, wondering what to do. I think to myself we have a government that is running deficits year after year; mounting long term debt like a kid with a Platinum Am Ex card; no legislation to promote job growth or small businesses; and burdensome rules/ regulations infringing upon our rights and freedoms.


Funny, you must think I’m talking about the Federal Gov’t. When, in fact, I’m talking about right here in Fishkill, NY.


My fellow tea partier, the Pagones administration is the prime example of what is wrong with gov’t today at all levels. Politicians learn early on what they can and cannot get away with, how much to tell their constituents and how to compromise principle, just a little at a time. They have wonderful teachers; they say “go along to get along”, don’t take a hard stand on an issue, don’t make waves, unity and loyalty at all costs and you’ll go places.


This is the real cronyism that “We the people” despise; we are tired of the conformists that will sell their soul for another election victory. The people want honesty, transparency, openness, full access and participation in a functioning governmental body.


That is why to fundamentally change gov’t it must begin at the local level.


We must make politicians understand that elected service is a PRIVILEDGE not a right; to unselfishly serve their community, not themselves. They have a responsibility to guard the public trust as they would their own children.


I believe that Bob LaColla as Town Supervisor will make the right changes this Town so sorely needs. Kurt Buck and Tony Curry for Town Council will put the people’s interests above their own. Remember, they are human, not perfect. They may disagree at times but their goals are the same, give Fishkill gov’t back to the people.


On September 13th we will have the chance to exercise our right to vote and have a new captain and crew place a steady hand on the wheel and steer Fishkill through the storm.

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