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Finally, the true cost for 13 years of “No Tax Increases” for Fishkill

town-seal1After 13 years of trumpeting “no tax increases” the Town of Fishkill Supervisor Joan Pagones now says that the new New York State 2% Property Tax Cap is going to create a problem for Fishkill.  The question that springs to mind is “Why?”  Why, after 13 years of not raising taxes when everything around us is going up do we suddenly have a problem with a 2% increase?  How did the Supervisor magically maintain the status quo, even though surrounding Town’s budgets dictated increases of 5, 15, 20 or even higher percent increases?  Thanks to a New York State Comptroller audit, we now know it was done with a shady shell game of borrowing, improper budget transfers and outright theft from districts that have gone lacking.

By Supervisor Pagones’ own admission the Town is “roughly 30 million dollars in debt”.  Like a teenager with a credit card Pagones has no concept of living within your means, and sadly the Town of Fishkill is now on the hook for her bill.  The honorable thing to do would be resign with humility but instead she chooses to deny, dispute and accuse anyone trying to review true budget numbers of “troublemaking”.  Her only goal has been re-election and for 19 years it worked, but there’s a new wind blowing in Fishkill.

The Fishkill Republican Committee this year chose Bob LaColla as their candidate for Town Supervisor along with Kurt Buck and Tony Curry for Councilman.  Sadly, Supervisor Pagones now turns her back on the Committee that supported her all those years and deems the people who worked for her and supported her “irrelevant”.  On September 13th, from 12 Noon until 9P.M. a Republican Primary will be held in the Town of Fishkill to determine the Party’s candidate for the November election.  I urge all registered Republicans in the Town of Fishkill to go to the polls and cast your vote.  Tell Madam Pagones that the jig is up, our eyes are open, and we refuse to accept the kind of arrogant disregard for fiscal responsibility that she, Steve Ferguson and Heather Malvarosa have perpetrated on the Town of Fishkill.

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