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HR 2454 Cap and Trade Bill In Pelosi’s Hands

Posted By Todd On May 22, 2009 @ 11:53 am In Issues | 1 Comment

HR 2454 is out of committee and in Nancy Pelosi’s hands right now. Please read the release below from Tea Party Patriots. Org. I do intend to write about other issues, but right now, this is the most important issue facing our Country.

URGENT! Cap and Trade Bill is currently in Nancy Pelosi’s hands. It was voted out of committee late last night, and she’s deciding whether to put it into another committee (and add goodies) for a vote today (to fast track before the holiday weekend) They’ve hired a speed reader to get through it! PLEASE pick up the phone (I pasted phone numbers on the very bottom of this email.) If they ask for your name and zip code-and say that you’re not in their district, let them know that you’re with Tea Party Patriots - we all have email lists and blogs and would like to quote what their response is. Tell them to vote NO. We just stopped California 1A and we’re watching! Please forward to as many as you can today!

Tea Party Patriots Call to Action

Dear Patriots,

Thank you for being a Tea Party Patriot. As you maybe aware, Tea Party Patriots is the go forward organization for the Tea Party Movement. Occasionally, we will send you emails from the National Coordinators to let you know what is happening with Tea Party Patriots across the country.

Today, we have a time-sensitive Call to Action for you to turn your Passion into Action. Also, we there is an update on various Tea Party Patriots events that are happening in the coming weeks.

Turn Your Passion to Action with Cap and Trade

Alert: Tell Congress You Oppose the $3,100 Per Family Cap-and-Trade Tax!

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Congressman Henry Waxman are aggressively pressuring Democrats to support and pass the Cap-and-Trade bill. The bill is titled “American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009″ or ACES. It is coming up for a vote in committee. It will be presented on the House floor for an up and down vote as early as tomorrow.

Passage of this bill will hurt every American and Devastate the Economy!

Time is of the essence, we must act NOW. We do not have the luxury of waiting another day. Congress plans to push ACES through by Friday. Stopping this bill will require everyone to call their Representatives along with all the others in the Country TODAY. We need to fax, call, send emails and tell everyone we know to do the same. Go to www.teapartypatriots.org for information on how to take action now.

**Please forward this email to your database and everyone you know**

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1 Comment To "HR 2454 Cap and Trade Bill In Pelosi’s Hands"

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