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HR 2454 Cap and Trade Update

Posted By Todd On May 21, 2009 @ 2:40 pm In Issues | No Comments

I have been following the progress of the Cap and Trade legislation all day. It seems that many congressional offices are being flooded with phone calls against this bill. Unfortunately, the Democrats in the House have taken some unprecedented steps to get this legislation passed by tomorrow. Below is a copy of a letter that I received about the current status of this bill.

Henry Waxman is still standing by his pledge to pass the cap
and trade Carbon Tax by end of day TODAY and the Democrats
are so desperate that they’ve added a new twist..

The Wall Street Journal reports that — due to the possibility
that Republicans will require a formal reading of the 1,000-
page bill to slow its progress — Democrats have a speed-reader
standing by.

That’s right… the Democrats are so desperate to fast-track
this huge carbon tax bill that they are ready to employ a

And Dems even rejected an amendment that would halt the
cap and trade tax if unemployment rose to 15% or gasoline
reached $5/gallon!

+ + Calls and Faxes Today!

MoveOn.org and other leftist groups are using their big-dollar
strategies to pressure the key Democrats on the Energy and
Commerce Committee.

All we have is YOU!

Please call your representative and these key members
of the Committee:

Your rep:

Rep. Hall 202-225-5441

Key Energy and Commerce Committee who need to hear from grassroots

Rep. Michael Ross (AR) 202-225-3772
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA) 202-225-4031
Rep. G. Butterfield (NC) 202-225-3101
Rep. Zack Space (OH) 202-225-6265
Rep. Michael Doyle (PA) 202-225-2135
Rep. Bart Gordon (TN) 202-225-4231
Rep. Charles Gonzalez (TX) 202-225-3236
Rep. Gene Green (TX) 202-225-1688
Rep. James Matheson (UT) 202-225-3011
Rep. Rick Boucher (VA) 202-225-3861
Rep. Peter Welch (VT) 202-225-4115
Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) 202-225-6311

+ + Talking Points

1. I am disappointed that Rep. Waxman is rushing the 1,000-page
cap-and-trade Carbon Tax through the Energy and Commerce
Committee this week.

2. This bill deserves full deliberation and should not be rushed.

3. I oppose the cap-and-trade Carbon Tax. This is an outrageous
power grab by the federal government that will greatly expand
government control and increase my taxes.

4. Especially in these difficult economic times, Congress must
not pass this tax on the American people!

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