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Cap and Trade Bill To Be Voted On By Memorial Day Weekend

Posted By Todd On May 20, 2009 @ 8:34 pm In Issues | No Comments

Welcome to the first blog entry from Fishkill Tea Party. We start off today with a very important action alert from the Tea Party Patriots in Atlanta. If this is not acted on immediately, our lives will be changed forever.


HR 2454 is almost a law. Congress is fast tracking Cap & Trade so we need to fast track our phone calls, faxes and emails. This bill is out of Committee and is being voted on Thursday, 5/21 and Friday 5/22. They want this done before Memorial Day weekend.

We MUST get off the couch and hit the phones, email, and fax them
We MUST do it now and often and burn up their lines.
Call EVERYONE your friends and family and ask them to call Congress. Call both state and federal congressional offices.

STOP BUSINESS IN D.C. LIKE THEY ARE TRYING TO STOP BUSINESS AT HOME! MELT THEIR PHONE LINES. Do it now, do it often, for your own sake, the next generations and our Country’s.

Remember this, you may not want to get involved with what goes on in D.C., but make no mistake about it, the politicians in D.C. and here locally want to get involved in what goes on in your home. By doing nothing you are giving them the green light to do whatever they wish. Cap & Trade is going to cost you for the air you breath.

Talking Points: This is what Cap & Trade will do to you.

Cap and trade is a tax designed to make carbon-based fuels like oil and coal more expensive by limiting the amount of carbon dioxide that can be released into the atmosphere. It is supposed to be a tax on businesses that use these products.


Remember the summer of 2008?
Do you remember the gas lines and high prices just last summer?
Do you remember the cost of goods going up gas was almost $5, utilities and food rates almost doubled?
Do you remember the truckers not being able to afford to deliver products?
That was a nothing.
Cap & Trade will mean at a MINIMUM $7 a gallon for gas, $7 home fuel oil, and guess what that means for electric and food rates.
The summer of 2008 was a cakewalk compared to what is coming with Cap & Trade.
This WILL affect EVERYTHING you buy.
When you flip the switch, you pay a tax. Everything you do from brewing that first cup of coffee or taking a shower in the morning to cooking dinner and watching the news in the evening will have a tax attached to it.
Although the tax will be placed on businesses, they will pass the cost on to consumers. They must do this to stay in business.
The energy companies are not going to absorb the cost of cap & trade. They HAVE to pass it on to their suppliers, their consumers. That means we the people WILL pay more.
Reducing carbon dioxide emissions ONLY make sense if ALL countries participate, including China, Russia, India and Brazil.
Americans will loose more jobs and MORE businesses will leave the Country. - Businesses in countries that do not lower carbon emissions will grow compared to those that must pay carbon taxes.
Cap & Trade will do nothing to very little to clean the environment, it is meant to produce TAXES.
This affects YOU, if you live & breath you will be affected.

The link to the latest bill:

Talking Points for Calling Congress:

Since you fast tracked this bill, I want a fast track answer to my questions
What is in the bill?
What does it say?
Have you read it?
How can I view the bill you are voting on with ALL the added amendments?
What’s the hurry? Why do we have to pass this bill? You told us the same thing with the bail out and we are in just as bad shape.
Do you know what this will cost us as your constituents?
Who is buying the carbon credits now?
China is currently purchasing them on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange…WHY?
Shouldn’t these credits stay in the US?
If they (China) don’t have cap & trade, so WHY are we allowing this? Could it cripple our manufacturing industry?
Congress is for cleaning up the environment, correct? Well do you realize how many trees have you killed with all the bills Congress is writing that they don’t even read?
Congressman (insert your congressman’s name here), I can’t afford this bill, I can’t afford more taxes. What happened to not raising taxes on 95% of Americans? Did our president really mean 100% of Americans would have a tax increase?
Can you promise this bill will reduce greenhouse gases? Congressman, do you know what makes up greenhouse gas? IT’S YOUR BLOVIATING IN DC!

What we want from our elected officials

Answer this call with your vote AGAINST HR 2454.

We the people understand the cost “tax wise” of HR 2454; my question to you is “Do you understand the cost “VOTE WISE” in 2010?

Remember this – If there are any excess greenhouse gases, they originate out of D.C. If they shut up, there will be no more Global Warming!!!!

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